Network and Server Management

Managed Private Email Services

Exchange based Email services on Cloud or OnPrem, managed and setup by Groundwire Cloud.

Benefit from all features of Microsoft Exchange 2019, and they are provided with the benefits of a cloud-based hosting which you choose Fiji, US, Sydney or have it locally setup at your Premises Based Data center.

With more than 10+ years of experience in email services. Groundwire Clouds infrastructure is monitored.

Exchange server is designed to work with Outlook with the MAPI protocol to ensure perfect synchronization of email, contacts and calendars.

Why to choose Groundwire Cloud Private Microsoft Hosted Exchange

  • 25 or 100 Gb of storage
  • Data Loss Prevention (GDPR)
  • Outlook Web Access 2016
  • OWA, a renovated interface. Better user experience.
  • Reinforced security by a native antimalware
  • Easy deployment
  • An advanced Back Office for more autonomy
  • Synchronization ActiveSync for all smartphones and tablets
  • Autodiscover
  • Fully Licensed
  • Send attachment up to 50MB
  • Healthcare and Govt requirements

Outlook Web Access
Exchange in Cloud messaging is high available 99,9% Based on the Office 365 components, Outlook Web Access becomes easier and more user friendly.

With ActiveSync, you bring your emails, contacts and calendars on your smartphone or tablet.
The Outlook/Exchange connection protocol also performs better for users with a limited network